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Updated: Aug 15

Artz N Motion is born out of a passion for the free flow of creativity. Having worked with the young child for the last 42 years. I’ve seen many things change in our education communities. This forum is to give place to conversations that feed the joy of creativity!

This Summer I was involved in a project called “JAZZ IT UP!” YES,It is exactly as it sounds!!! I interacted with a local LIVE JAZZ Band; “NOTEWORTHY LIVE BAND”! As a partner and fan of the band; I joined the recipient “API” (Art & Percussion Institute) as an Art Education Instructor in 09/2020. As an AEI I provide services for clients to indulge in Art, Sensory, and Literacy. This endeavor has been such a blast!!! It keeps me from complaining about what I don’t like about what’s happening in Education today. Focusing more of my energy on creating opportunities that seem to have less value in education today, such as the Arts. In this I am daily witnessing seemingly subtle results to the contrary.

This endeavor may not change the world, or build a new building, create a new computer program but it may encourage/ improve our youth’s self-image; How I see myself!

As I’ve met new students these last 2 years many have been diagnosed on the spectrum or having traits of Down Syndrome. Oftentimes it is difficult for children with these challenges to engage in certain uncomfortable projects. Sometimes causing a negative response. Just because they’re trying to navigate “self”. Some of these children have sensory issues, and of course self-control issues. I found in creating opportunities for them to experience various liquids, substance changing materials, etc these same children evolve from being repulsed to actually looking forward to the activity, spending longer periods of time in these substances, completing tasks so they’re ready when I arrive! Success!

Their behaviors are the outward sign that changes are taking place within. They are now better able to tolerate uncomfortable waiting periods like taking turns and interacting socially more appropriately! Pictured below is one of my favorite activities; The themed WaterBead Tubs!!

1.) WATER BEADS ONLY; This tub was for experiential purposes. I only wanted to see their reaction.

2.) SCOOPING/TWEEZING/POURING; I’ve now added another element to focus on fine motor, to also get their minds off of the discomfort of the wet, slippery, cool, feel of the beads.

3.) OCEAN THEME; blue and white-water beads, with miniature sea creatures. I added this one once I noted how distracted the fine motor themed tub success.

4.) SEASONAL; FALL colored water beads with miniature leaves, acorns, pumpkins.

5.) HOLIDAY; Purple, white, black, green water beads with miniature eyeballs, hands, spiders, various bugs. I made a “HUGE” tub of the same for a trunk party. It was the “HIT” of the party…. GROSS!!!

Yes……I definitely got carried away. Plus, the bonus is they never seem to tire of this experience. Especially on hot days after they’ve been outside. It's a pleasant cool down project. Or even transitional.

I will attempt to share other projects in this space; that I have tried. I hope you will too. If nothing else, it will start positive conversation surrounding meeting the essential need to create; or simply discovering “I am a creative being” within our children.

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